4 Reasons to make live part of your marketing

Going Live is nothing new, but today’s technology certainly makes it possible to produce live content easily and affordably and to distribute it without spending a fortune. As a former television news reporter, I saw television stations go crazy for going live in the 80’s because research showed “live shots” hooked the audience much more effectively than taped reports. Now, any company can use “Live” as a marketing strategy. Here are four reasons you’ll get hooked on “live”.

  1. The Perfect Platform
    Facebook Live gives you more than just the chance to go LIVE. The most challenging part about broadcasting your message is finding and interacting with your market. It’s tough to send emails and hope people will come to your website to watch your live show. When they do, you will need a chat box so that they can interact. You also need an easy way for your audience to help you build a larger audience by sharing the content. Facebook has the perfect platform for interaction and sharing, and the network puts LIVE ahead of images and video in the news feed. Just remember, when doing Facebook LIVE be consistent. Broadcast at the same time each week or month. You’ll build an audience.
  2. Affordable Content
    When you broadcast LIVE, your audience will forgive a less than perfect production. One reason news shows can produce content so inexpensively is because it’s LIVE. If the anchor or reporter stumbles, so what? The audience knows it’s live and they will forgive little mistakes. Consider broadcasting on Facebook with a question and answer, demonstration, or educational tip. Once your half hour broadcast is over, edit the video into short pieces. The 10 -12 individual videos give you content for the next few weeks. Use those videos on your blog, website, Facebook page and youtube.com. Live streaming, using a professional platform can give you quality videos at a great price. LIVE requires very little post production editing.
  3. Learning About Your Audience
    During a livestream, it’s much easier to solicit input from your audience than it is just a post a question. You can prompt people to make comments by telling them how much their input means to you or by offering some small prize or recognition. LIVE broadcast are the perfect opportunity to really interact with your fans and learn more about them and how they perceive your business.
  4. Grow Your Fans – Grow Your Business
    When you go live on a consistent basis, you’ll find more ways to share your content. You’ll get better at creating more interaction with your customers, and you’ll get better at delivering the content your followers desire. The more you do it, the better you’ll get. As you get better, your audience and your reach will grow. Be mindful, that part of the goal is to get people to watch during your broadcast, but that may take a while. You also want to keep in mind that the content your producing each week or month is also increasing your reach and should be helping you in your search engine optimization. Cole’s Wild Bird Products, for instance, didn’t have many people watching its first few broadcasts, but its videos produced from those broadcasts are now building their own audience, reaching new people everyday. This one below  is now getting about 100 new views a day.