live streaming companies in atlantaAre you considering live streaming for a yearly event or for a consistent way to grow your online following and your business? If you want to try going live to increase your business. you might want to start by focusing on one specific goal. One client of Pro Video Talent has been consistently live streaming for several years, with the goal of providing their fans with an expert on birding. The company, Cole’s Wild Bird Products, makes the highest quality bird seed on the market.

The goal of providing expertise and advice to people who feed birds was a natural fit. From that goal, the company also wanted to showcase their founder’s knowledge and expertise by showing short videos with him answering all types of birding questions. So, now they have 10 – 15 new professional videos every month for their channel, Facebook page, blog and website. The videos are taken from their once a month half hour Facebook LIVE show.

Donna Davis has more advice in the video below.