With live streaming your wedding, everyone can attend! Friends and family who normally wouldn’t be able to attend can now watch right from their own home. Find out more benefits to live streaming your wedding by taking a look at the link below.

Transcript For Video Above

weddings are a great venue for

live-streaming because so many people

often can’t make the wedding or you may

not be able to invite everybody that you

would like to your wedding or it might

be a destination wedding

so by live-streaming it you can

literally let all your friends and

family that couldn’t make it

participate and see your wedding and

then you also have all the nice comments

that you’re going to get and the

interaction from the people that you

really care about who just couldn’t make

the wedding and then it also archives

that video so in your video production

company the live streams that will

probably also have that video so live

streaming you’ve already got a

videographer there it doesn’t cost you

much more to go ahead and livestream and

it makes a huge impact