About Us

live streaming atlantaMeet Donna Davis, President of Pro Video Talent, LLC

As President and Founder of the Atlanta Internet Video Marketing Association, Donna Davis is a leader in the Atlanta event live streaming and video community. She developed the organization after seeing the challenges and potential of connecting video and the internet. Donna began focusing on live streaming Atlanta events years before it became popular, live streaming on a regular basis since 2008.

When Facebook started Facebook LIVE Donna was thrilled. “Facebook is the perfect platform for event live streaming and for studio live streaming. It’s familiar to people, and the interaction is already built into the system. In addition, Facebook helps you to build an audience and gives LIVE top priority in the news feed. All these things make Facebook perfect for live streaming events.”

Donna’s background is in television news, where she learned the power of live broadcasting and the art of storytelling. As a reporter and anchor in various markets, Donna also learned to produce television shows. So, when she started her video production company in 2007, she began producing, Home & Style, a tv show which aired on cable stations across the country.

Today, Donna focuses on using live streaming and story telling to help clients better market their businesses and make the most of their award ceremonies. “There are so many exciting things happening with technology now. I feel lucky to be doing exactly what I’m doing”, said Donna.

Live Streaming Atlanta Events Is Our Specialty

the cost to live streamPro Video Talent is focused on the big picture. We aren’t just a team of video professionals, we also know the importance of marketing. We help clients promote a live streaming event, prepare for it, and then publicize the videos after it’s over.  For instance if it’s an award ceremony, we understand the need to deliver a great experience to the honorees and to the sponsors. We also consult with clients on ways to get sponsors to cover the cost of event live streaming.

Many clients are just exploring at this point. That’s why we created a guide to help you. Keep in mind, Pro Video Talent can help whether you want to go live on your own website, on Facebook, or have us set up a custom page for you on our site.