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Donna Davis

Donna Davis


Donna with Ted Koppel of
ABC’s Nightline

Clients benefit from Donna’s unique background in television news and marketing. She gets the big picture and helps clients create events with a lasting impact. From promotion through execution and beyond, Donna offers ideas to help clients get optimal results.

Donna Davis with President Reagan at the White House

Donna’s been live streaming since 2008 and has produced hundreds of live events. She is committed to a turn key process and helping clients achieve their goals.

* Founded the Atlanta Internet Video Marketing Association, now with 600 members

* Worked as a television news anchor and reporter

* Live streaming since 2008

* Produced hundreds of live events

Thomas Wallis

Thomas Wallis

Technical Director

Thomas Wallis is a true industry expert in live streaming. Having just moved from New York to Atlanta, Thomas brings a wealth of experience in live streaming. Thomas Wallis has worked on the cutting edge of live streaming production since 2009.

He spent five years as Senior Producer for the New York based live streaming platform Livestream (now Vimeo Live), where he produced and directed hundreds of live streams, including internal corporate communications, concerts, conferences and branded broadcast style shows for companies like Facebook, Target, Carolina Herrera, and Vogue.

*Live streaming since 2009

*Developed the software now used by Vimeo, considered the best in the industry

*Produced hundreds of live stream events for New York’s top ad agencies