Check out these videos from live streaming events in Atlanta by Pro Video Talent.

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This video shows a live event produced for the Georgia State Road And Tollway Authority. In addition to airing the event LIVE, we worked with the client to get the live and recorded HD video to the local news. Every broadcast news station in Atlanta covered the event. Our background in tv news provides insights that frequently help our clients make the most of their live events.

This video was live streamed for the Forsyth Chamber of Commerce. Pro Video Talent used three cameras and sent video to the projectors in the room and provided sound for the online audience as well as the in person audience. Several dignitaries spoke at the event, and we provided the video in HD quickly to facilitate news coverage for the client.

When Harvard University needed a live streaming company in Atlanta, they contacted us. The video above is from a live streaming panel discussion of the State of the Nation’s Housing Report. If you need a panel discussion  in Atlanta, contact us for a free consultation.

This award ceremony called Who’s Who Among Asian American Communities is televised each year. However it always had to be edited. So, the organizer wanted to live stream it. People around the world watched and could view the video the next day. Her sponsors also gained value through live streaming the event in Atlanta.

This was one of our most fun live streaming events. Elmer’s Glue wanted to show teachers all over America new ideas for lessons using glow slime. Teach For America brought in a science teacher who offered educational lessons using slime. The live streaming event in Atlanta was shot in studio and broadcast on a teachers’-only Facebook group page.

This is a video of the biggest award ceremony of the year for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. The live streaming event was aired online on the association’s Facebook page where contractors all over the country could watch and participate. It also gave an air of excitement to the in person event.

Pro Video Talent live streamed the ribbon cutting for the new Emergency Department at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital. It was an interesting experience, live streaming with all the Covid-19 guidelines in place. The team felt safe and took every precaution to help the speakers and participants feel safe. Special thanks to Melt Atlanta ad agency for hiring us for this big event.