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With the Corona virus now hitting the United States, many event planners are wondering about options that will keep people safe. You may want to consider professional event live streaming for your online continuing education training, conference, sales meeting, sporting event, or corporate education. Consider the many advantages of online training, virtual events, virtual conferences, virtual speeches, and virtual auctions  and how live streaming can still give participants a broadcast quality experience and give sponsors the chance to gain exposure.

Here at Pro Video Talent, we are deeply saddened by the effects of this virus. And, we are hopeful our live streaming services can help companies work through these difficult times and create the best possible online experiences. We’ve teamed with local companies, including EyeMail to give clients the best promotion on the market. We help clients with promotion, engagement, and impact – all to ensure a great live streaming experience.

We also want to help you learn more about digital events. We are now producing a series of educational online events to help people and organizations navigate this new world. The first in our series covers The Basics of Live Streaming. This video was an original live stream on March 18th.