Want to show your expertise in your industry and build an online fan base on Facebook? Facebook LIVE is given preference in the news feed. Images have the lowest preference, then video, then LIVE. So, if you want to build an audience, try going LIVE with something of interest to your fans. The main thing about building an audience is consistency. Just pick a consistent schedule and stick with it whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Pro Video Talent has a national client that makes the highest quality birdseed on the market. Once a month – on the first Wednesday at 3pm EST, Richard Cole, the founder of the company and an avid birding expert, conducts a live question and answer session. From 3 to 3:30 he invites fans to ask questions, give opinions, or post pictures. Retailers and fans can join and share if they like. When the half hour session is over, not only does Cole’s Wild Bird Products have a nice half hour production with questions and answers, they also have all the individual short answers to use as stand alone content for youtube.com, Facebook, and their blog. Some of the videos offer demonstrations of products. So, they are used on the website as well.

Facebook live is a great place to build an audience, show your expertise, and create awesome content.

Here’s a look at a playlist showing videos from one broadcast. If you are interested in professional live streaming for Facebook, call us at (770) 485-6667 or email Donna Davis at Donna@ProVideoTalent.com.

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